A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


A game for LD38 about coding and puzzles. Build your botnet before the FBI tracks you down!

Use a in-game lua editor to create and edit scripts to hack the hosts and add them to your botnet. Hack all 4 hosts before time runs out.!

Missing Features

  • Audio
  • Help tab
  • Host interactivity after authentication
  • Sick modding support

Theme Relevance
The internet brings things together making a large world seem small. FYI, Hackers are in your light-bulbs. 

Known Issues

  • Sometimes the editor is a little finicky, using the mouse to position the cursor helps
  • Syntax highlighting is sometimes wrong.
  • Game ends when the FBI show up (5 min), need to quit to restart.

Thanks for playing




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I wanted to try the game on Linux, but the link brings to the iOS version. Is it possible to fix the link?

Oops, I swapped the OSX and Linux links. Fixed!