A downloadable game


My entry for #LOWREZJAM 2016, HiTMAN.

It's a work in progress at the moment. This will soon be replaced with a better description but for now here's a list of its current features:

  • Animation
  • Player movement
  • Tile / level loading
  • Collision
  • Wandering AI players
  • Item pickups
  • Shooting
  • Palette generation
  • Outfit palettes
  • Target Polaroid / info folder
  • Hostile guards

And some things on my TODO list:

  • AI fleeing
  • Win conditions
  • Scoring system
  • Secondary objectives
  • Menus / Level selection / Progress
  • Other weapons

You can try the latest prototype here:



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Where's the download?

I got busy during the game jam and didn't have time to finish it. I've pulled my entry but am still working on it slowly when I have time.

I thought about Hitman too :

Have a look at my little 2012 prototype here: http://www.scriptology.de/games/hitman/

You may use Code and graphics if you like.